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Protection for recovery in tissue products

In addition to regular maintenance, it is possible to complete the treatment by applying a product of protection of your fabric collection.

Treatment heals and protects any type of fabric against moisture, dirt and stains everything letting breathe the coating. The application of SOFT GUARD has no effect on the structure or appearance of the treated fabric.

The SOFT GUARD TS must apply on a clean, dry and healthy tissue. Please clean the support with the SOFT CLEANER before treatment.

It is imperative to use in combination SOFA CLEAN complementary products to ensure the best possible outcome for your treatment. We do not guarantee the success of the process if our products are used in combination with another brand. It is recommended to use the accessories SOFTBRUSH and MICRONET' to proceed with the application of our products.

Don't use ever of traditional household product and any product containing solvents or oils to try to remove the stains. Many of these products are aggressive or corrosive, their job is not guaranteed without risk and they could destroy your fabrics. Do not steam (type vaporetto) on tissue cleaner.

Please read and carefully follow the operating instructions for the best result.

In case of damage, problems or strong alteration, call our repair leather and fabric on www.renovsalon.be service and ask for advice in completing the form of request for information.

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SOFT GUARD® TS - 400 ml


Réf. SC.SGATSPI040.000

Protection for fabric treatmentRead more

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