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  1. Leather
    1. Maintenance
      1. Protected leather
      2. Leather natural
      3. Leather brilliant
      4. Leather Nubuck
    2. Renovation
      1. Protected leather
      2. Leather natural
      3. Leather brilliant
      4. Leather Nubuck
    3. Leather Pack
      1. Protected leather
      2. Leather natural
      3. Leather brilliant
  2. Fabric
    1. Maintenance
    2. Détachage
    3. Protection
    4. Tissue Pack
  3. Accessories
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What is a cookie?

Computer cookies are small files of data that are placed and stored in temporary orpermanent way on your computer, smartphone or any other device to browse the Internet, when you visit a web site.

Cookies are harmless, and their use has now become a standard in the computer world. Cookies allow a website to recognize you, report your visit on any given page,and thus bring you an additional service: your comfort of navigation improvements,securing your connection or adaptation of the content of a page to match your areas of interest.

Types of cookies

There are different types of cookies, which are used to make different things. Cookies can be classified into several categories:

  • Technical cookies

Technical cookies allow you to browse the site and access to the various services and features offered. It is thanks to them that you can create your account, sign in andmanage your ads. These technical cookies is absolutely essential for the good functioning of our site.

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The advertising cookies or "targeting" remember information about the content of the pages you have visited, so that we can send relevant information and provide you with advertising in accordance with your interests. These cookies are also used tobetter measure the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns.

Cookies do not differ only by their role, but also by their period of validity and the party responsible for their management. There are thus temporary and persistent, firstly, cookies and cookies direct and indirect, on the other hand.

  • Temporary cookies / persistent

Temporary or "session" cookies are only stored for the duration of your visit; they disappear automatically as soon as you close your browser.

Other types of cookies may remain on your computer even after you have left our site. These cookies are called 'persistent '. We use such cookies when we need to know who you are for more than one session of navigation (e.g. to remember your login data or preferences customization). The exact duration of conservation will depend on the lifetime of each cookie, defined individually and in a specific way.

  • Cookies direct / indirect

Cookies direct or 'original cookies' (first-party cookies) are sent by the site that youvisit. Indirect cookies or "third party cookies" (third-party cookies), they come from third-party sites, such as social networks.


To adapt your visit to our site to your needs and wishes, SOFACLEAN® uses several cookies that each have their importance.

The table below details the different types of cookies used on our site, or sent by others, as well as their purpose and their respective validity.

This list is provided subject to changes.

Origin cookies (www.sofaclean.eu)





Durée de validity



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Used by the host to the domain name (OVH).

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* These cookies are offered in collaboration with OVH. For more information, we invite you to read the privacy policy of OVH.

Third-party cookies

We are not always informed of cookies placed on our site by third-party companies. This is especially the case when the site contains texts, documents, images or videosthat are stored on another site, but which can be viewed on our site. We have no control over these cookies, so we can not turn off. For more information or if you wish to directly contact these third party companies, please visit their websites.


Some people perceive as an intrusion that a website can store data on their computer, even though it is completely harmless. If you wish, it is nevertheless possible to reject all or some cookies, and even delete the cookies already stored on your computer.

Simply configure your browser settings. How to do varies from one browser to another. You can find information on how to proceed for the most popular browsers viathe links below :

- Delete cookies on Internet Explorer: tutorial

- Delete cookies in Mozilla Firefox: tutorial

- Delete cookies on Google Chrome: tutorial

- Delete cookies on Safari: tutorial

- Delete cookies on Opera: tutorial

For other browsers, please see their help menu to find out how to disable cookies.

Refusing the cookies may prevent you to access certain features of the site. This is the reason why it is recommended the user to activate cookies on his computer, tablet or smartphone. If cookies are not enabled, SOFACLEAN® can not guarantee usequalitative and performance of its website.


If after reading this statement about the cookies, you still have questions or remarks, feel free to contact us via info@sofaclean.be.

Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail for any questions at info@sofaclean.be



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