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By using our Web site for online sales, you communicate a number of 'personal data'. These data are those that identify you as a person physical.

At SOFACLEAN®, we are committed to making every effort to protect your personaldata. We treat your data confidentially and always respecting the legal provisions and the principles mentioned below.

It was agreed that by making use of our e-shop site, you are aware of this privacy policy and authorize accordingly the collection and treatment of your personaldata, as described below.


We are responsible for the processing of your personal data that are treated with caution and respect.

Here are the details of our company:

The details of the company are the following:


39 avenue du vieux frêne

6280 Loverval


Company number (VAT): BE0861.481.051

Phone : + 32 71 37 29 79

Fax : + 32 71 335 57 43

E-mail: info@sofaclean.be

The realization of the collection and the processing of data relating to users is donein collaboration with subcontractors, carefully selected for their professionalism and probity. These contractors may act only on the instruction of SOFACLEAN®, and forhis account. They are required to respect all the principles enunciated in this Charterprivacy and cannot use the data they collect only for the purpose set by SOFACLEAN®.

SOFACLEAN® works with the following subcontractors:

BUSINESS ADVICES BVBA http://www.businessadvices.be/

BPOST http://www.bpost.be/

This list is not exhaustive, and may be changed at any time.

It is the responsibility of the user to regularly review the privacy policy of these parties, when it is clearly made use of their services.


We only collect personal data that you choose to provide us with through forms onthe Site. This information may include: your name, your first name, your email address, your telephone number, your home address details and possibly banking information. Each form specifically informs the user of the character obligatory or optionalfor the provision of each of the data requested, and the consequences attached to the refusal to provide. SOFACLEAN® does not collect any sensitive information, such as information about your ethnicity, your politics, your physical or mental health, your philosophical or religious beliefs, your sexual orientation, etc.

We also collect additional information about your automatically, when you browse the Site. This information may be collected using various technologies, including through the use of cookies and similar technologies. For more information, refer to ourCookie Statement.


We collect and process your personal data with the precautions required, and only in order to provide you with a better quality of services for which you have registered on our website or to which you have sent us your details.

Insofar as you have given us permission, your data may also be used for direct marketing purposes, to send such newsletters, promotional offers, recommend productsor services that may be of interest to you. You can cancel this right at any time.

It is possible to use your email address to contact you in surveys and polls. Your opinion is very important to improve our Site !
In terms of data collection, we apply the principle of parsimony and restraint. Your data are kept for a period that exceed never the time necessary for the purposes forwhich they are collected and processed. SOFACLEAN® guarantees that the processing of the data will be always loyal and lawful.


To ensure maximum respect for your privacy, SOFACLEAN® appeals to subcontractors that offer sufficient guarantees of safety. These are all physical, technical and organizational measures appropriate and use including security and recognized encryption processes to ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal data and protect them against any loss, accidental destruction, alteration, unauthorized access and theft.

The personal data collected on this Site are intended only for internal use, and notwill be made available to third parties, with the exception of our subcontractors, unless the not required by law.

Your data may be transferred outside the European Union. In this case, SOFACLEAN® ensures that the transfer meets the legal framework. SOFACLEAN® guarantees that no transfer will be made to a country not providing an adequate level of protection, unless

- the person concerned undoubtedly gave his consent to the transfer;

- the transfer is necessary for the performance of the contract concluded between the person concerned and SOFACLEAN®, or execution of pre contractual measures taken at the request of the person concerned;

- the transfer is necessary for the conclusion and execution of a contract concluded or to be concluded, in the interest of the person concerned, between SOFACLEAN® and one-third;

- the transfer is necessary or legally required for backup of important public interest or for the recognition, exercise or defence of a right to justice;

- the transfer is necessary for the protection of vital interest of the person concerned.

In any case, the transfer of personal data to countries outside the European Union that would not provide an adequate level of protection are supported by contractualclauses types approved by the European Commission or, if for some transfers to theUnited States of America, by the respect by the recipient of the Safe Harbour principles.


In accordance with the regulations in force, you have a right of access, rectificationand deletion of data concerning you. You have also the right to oppose the processing of your data for direct marketing purposes, as well as the right to object, for legitimate and serious reasons to a particular situation, that data about you are subject to a treatment, except when the lawfulness of the processing is based on the grounds referred to in article 5 ((, b) and (c) of the Act of 2 August 2002 on the protection of individuals with respect to the treatment of the personal data.

You can send us your request directly by e-mail to info@sofaclean.be we will followas soon as possible.

All e-mail or newsletters that will be eventually sent will include an unsubscribe linkon which you can click to stop receiving promotional information from us.


This privacy Charter (privacy policy) may be the subject of changes and amendments. These will be clearly indicated. It is your responsibility as a user to consult this document regularly to learn about any changes.

Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail for any questions at info@sofaclean.be



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